4 Great Ways to Get a Refund

4 Great Ways to Get a Refund

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How many times have you bought a product with your hard-earned money, only to wish you could get it back? Bad service, broken product, or maybe you just changed your mind; whatever the case, you want a refund. As an independent issuer of online refunds, we have one simple goal: to give online consumers a sure-fire way to get a full refund for online purchases, for any reason—quickly, easily, and privately, with no costs, no fees, and no hassles. Here are some good ways to get the refund you deserve.

1)  ASK FOR A REFUND: The first step to request a refund is to simply ask. In most cases there will already be a process in place for customers who request refunds. Politely give customer service a call (calls usually receive a better response than emails) and explain why you want a refund.

2)  GET SUPERVISOR INVOLVED:  If the first person you speak with is unable to get you the refund then get a supervisor involved. In some cases, customer service employees may not have the power to issue a refund. This is when speaking to a supervisor would be most helpful in getting a favorable response.

Also, it is important to note when you request a refund, be as polite as possible. When you act aggressively toward people you increase their resistance and lessen their motive for helping with your refund request. Be kind and thank everyone you interact with regardless of their ability to help.

3) GIVE THEM A REASON: In a recent video by Greg Schinkel, he explains the importance of why. In his review of a Harvard case study, he found over 94% of people granted a request just because they explained why. Furthermore, it did not matter how strong the “why” was, people just needed a reason to help.

Want Another Option? Here at iCAN4Consumers we have one goal – to give consumers an additional way to get a full refund for online purchases. iCAN4Consumers works directly with online vendors with your best interests in mind and will do all we can to help you get the refund you deserve. Just make your request a refund with us and we’ll happily help with next steps.

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