iCAN4Consumers Service Provides Chargeback Relief for Online Merchants

iCAN4Consumers Service Provides Chargeback Relief for Online Merchants

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ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – September 22, 2015) – Today iCAN4Consumers, an eC Consulting Services LLC company, officially announced its newest service offering,iCAN4Consumers.

iCAN4Consumers is a multifaceted service platform designed to reduce fraud and chargebacks for e-commerce merchants. The iCAN4C service provides a mechanism to facilitate a quick, easy, and hassle-free refund to the consumer, thereby eliminating the need for the consumer to initiate a dispute through his/her issuing bank, which often results in a chargeback.

iCAN4C serves as a merchant’s customer service backstop against a consumer’s tendency to chargeback a purchase when dissatisfied. Consequently, the merchant avoids the fees and other issues related to the chargeback, is able to reduce its fraud ratios, stay in compliance with those critical association thresholds, and maintain its merchant account.

For consumers, the iCAN4C platform provides a streamlined method to obtain a hassle-free refund for unwanted or defective services or merchandise, achieving a satisfactory resolution to any dispute.

The iCAN4C platform is designed to enhance a merchant’s ability to reduce chargebacks, and complement any other services that a merchant may be using. According to Jock West, CEO for eC Consulting, “The iCAN4C service is unique in that our strategy for avoiding chargebacks is vastly different from any other service in that disputes resolved through theiCAN4C platform are between the merchant and the consumer — the issuing bank is never involved.”

Mark Garfinkel, eC Consulting Services’ COO states, “iCAN4Consumers brings together a “community of consumers” and a “network of merchants” working together to resolve disputes, rather than incur the additional costs associated with chargeback resolution.iCAN4C’s goal is to reduce the cost of doing business for both consumers and merchants across the entire ecommerce ecosystem.”

Source: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/-2057440.htm

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